A Return to the End to Screen in San Diego

I am very excited to announce that A Return to the End has been selected to screen at the 2016 G.I. Film Festival in San Diego on September 18th. I am incrediblely grateful to the selection and planning committee for this opportunity to share our story. You can find information about our screening below as well as the schedule for many other fantastic films. More to come!

A Return to the End - Screening Info

G.I. Film Festival - San Diego

A Return to the End

I am very excited to announce my latest documentary project, A Return to the End, currently in production. This film follows a small group of Marine Security Guards (MSG’s) as they travel back to Vietnam to honor the last two casualties of the war, Charles McMahon and Darwin Judge. On April 30, 1975, after helping thousands of Vietnamese civilians evacuate, these Marines were on the last helicopter that left from the roof of the U.S. Embassy. After 40 years, they return to Vietnam to honor the two men who didn't make it back. For more information on this film please checkout the website, www.areturntotheend.com.


Interactive Exhibition at The Carnavalet Museum in Paris

This spring I was approached by The Carnavalet Museum to conduct a series of interviews highlighting American World War veterans and their role in the 1945 liberation of Paris.  As part of this project, I had the pleasure of interviewing a veteran by the name of Jack Port.  After landing on the beaches of Normandy, he marched with the 4th Infantry Division to Paris.  This interview was used as part of an interactive exhibition at The Carnavalet Museum in Paris.  It details the liberation of Paris through first hand accounts, photos and interactive maps. This was a fantastic project to be a part of and I greatly enjoyed collaborating with everyone.  You can find the interactive map here.  Jack's segments  are located in the Vincennes Parc and next to Notre-Dame Cathedral.

San Diego Union Tribune features Ladnaan Project

During the summer of 2013 I began working with Dr. Kate Murray, PhD, MPH, an assistant professor at UCSDs Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, and her team to research and create a series of culturally adapted physical activity and health education program for adult Somali women.  This spring we created a series of short exercise videos with a cultural theme and these videos are now set to be released on DVD later this month.  We hope to expand this project to highlight additional counties in the coming months.  This project has enormous potential for creating change in the lives of those who use them and I look forward to future collaboration with Kate and her team.  Be sure to check out the Ladnaan Project's website!

San Diego Union Tribune Article

The Picutre Show to Screen Decay Theory in Brooklyn

I am excited to announce The Picture Show, a micro-cinema in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, will be screening Decay Theory,  April 24-27 at 7:00pm.  It will be featured as part of a short film showcase along with 7 other films.  I am honored and excited to be screening with such a talented group of filmmakers and visual artists. If you are in the area I highly recommend you check out this fantastic venue for video art, experimental films, documentary screenings and guest speakers.  If you can't make it to this screening be sure to check their website for upcoming films and events. 


Juno Lucina Pendant - Commercial Shoot

I spent the this weekend producing a few spots for the Merit Diamond's Juno Lucina Pendant.  I had the extreme pleasure of working with the wonderful Elizabeth Spitsbergen (Buoyant Productions) and the immensely talented Josh Krohn (JayDeeKay Films).  As always, we had a great time while capturing some really wonderful moments.  The images above were captured by Ana from Ana Saule Photography!  Be sure to check out her site for some fantastic work. Thanks again to everyone and look for the completed spots soon!  

Reel Voices 2013 - That's a Wrap!

Congratulations to the Reel Voices Class of 2013!  I was so proud to see the these films on the big screen at the San Diego Asian Film Festival.  It was such a pleasure to work with these talented students all summer and guide them through the challenging and exciting world of documentary film.  I know these filmmakers will go on to do big things!  You can view all of the films in their entirety by clicking the link below.  You can also find more information about the program and a link to this year's application HERE.


The Last to Leave and Decay Theory Screen at Film Streams


The 2013 Film Streams Local FIlmmakers Showcase selected Decay Theory and The Last to Leave to screen along with six additional films back in October.  It was a great honor to be chosen as part of Film Streams' Fourth Annual Local Filmmakers Showcase.  Seeing the work being done by the Nebraska film community was extremely inspiring.  This is certainly one of my favorite events of the year and I thank Film Streams for helping to make it happen!  If you haven't been this great Omaha gem I suggest you check it out!  http://www.filmstreams.org/

RETRIEVAL wins at 2013 California State University Media Arts Festival

MAF 2013 Event Flyer-1 copy.jpg

I am very excited to announce that RETRIEVAL was selected as a Rosebud Award Award winner in the Experimental Film category at the 2013 California State University Media Arts Festival.  I was very excited to share this film with such a great audience and the showcase definitely highlighted the great work coming out of the CSU media arts programs.  I was also proud to see the work of the other San Diego State University FIlmmakers Raeanne DuPont, Clay Southerland and Devon Dolan.