Multiverse was created using thousands of high resolution macro time lapse photographs.  This film was designed for full dome exhibition as is available up to 8k (8196x8196) resolution. The music was written and performed by Kai Engel.

MEDIA MIXER: An Experiment in Sound and Image (2015)

The Department of Critical Media Practices at CU Boulder presents: MEDIA MIXER: An Experiment in Sound and Image.  This event was one-part digital experiment, combining projected images and live performance via iPads, and one-part networking opportunity. This mixer united artists and media makers, allowing them to share ideas and make connections. This project was cosponsored by ATLAS and will was hosted in the Black Box Theater.
Live iPad audio accompaniment from the Boulder Image and Sound Network (BISoN)
Hunter Ewen - director, conductor, Aidan Cook - live sound, Selena Wellington - live sound, Willien Payne - live sound, Trevor Villwock - live sound, Melanie Clemmons - live visuals


This work investigates the relationship between the manner in which memories are formed, recalled and lost. RETRIEVAL explores ideas of memory and the notion of creating narratives from found images and recorded interviews. This film questions the value we assign to our memories and investigates memory as a tangible yet malleable object.  Collecting firsthand accounts and conducting secondary research in the areas of human cognition, memory and brain degeneration have proved to be essential to the creation of this project.

ENCODE (2012)

This film is about memory, its value and creating connections through images and sound. ENCODE asks viewers to participate as the visuals shift across three screens, creating an active viewing experience. The narrative elements and group recollection of events provides an opportunity for viewers to insert their own experiences into the piece and leave with a collective memory of this experience. *Please note that this film begins with a black screen.

Decay Theory (2012)

Decay Theory explores ideas of memory and the notion of creating narrative from found images and recorded interviews. This body of work also questions the value we assign to our memories and how these memories are formed and loss.  

Right Brain Left Brain (2012)

Burn (2012)

Opaque (2012)

Right Brain Left Brain (2011)

Particle (2011)

Trifecta (2011)

ANTHRO Optic(a) (2011)